Michael Bracey is a writer, long suffering husband and father to four children who adore him and his ability to tell hilarious bedtime stories. Some of his best bed time stories center on “Big Blue Stu” a sensitive, rather large, hirsute and blue monster and his friends, the “hug-a-lots”. As his children have grown and moved on from Big Blue Stu, Mike is now polishing his next collection of bedtime reading; Host: a series of novels telling the tale of a zombie invasion, set in the familiar surroundings of New Zealand. Mike’s wife has predicted that their burgeoning teen may indeed revel in the black comedy and gore but is fairly certain the odd nightmare is a reality.
Find a revolving assortment of zombie chapters here.

Mike has lived a life as colourful as his imagination – from rock god in his youth, having jammed and played in the iconic Dunedin music scene, to backpacking through South America and Africa with his bride-to-be, before settling into a life of occasional domestic bliss, finally putting pen to paper as a writer of novels, children’s stories and therapeutic blogging.
Mike’s first completed work is Underbelly Ballerina. A comprehensive novel that is ultimately a love story. A dark and violent tale that dances around the edges of the underworld; where drugs, prostitution, BDSM and self deprivation rule. The central character Apple and her world collide with the chance for love and an opportunity to determine her true meaning of pride, in an explosion of colour and glorious gun battle. Three chapters are ready to read here.

Michael’s other job is full time Dad.
As ‘Dad’ he battles the kitchen more often than he’d like. His preference is for kid lunches that involve sandwiches (no tantrums over squares or rectangles yet) and cut fruit, and meals made by his wife. When his wife is busy catching babies you can hear loud and colourful discussions with the pots, pans and utensils. One pot wonders are a specialty. Mike loves that his wife and kids love to grow their own vegetables, have backyard chickens and use reusable nappies. He, however, resents that he seems to be the sole charge of such endevours. You can read his hilarious blog stories centered around the musings of the stay home Dad here.

Mike would like to acknowledge his delightful wife who has gently, and at times, firmly pushed him to commit to writing. His Diploma in Children’s Writing is an example of such a shove. She is editor, proof reader, sounding board and unpaid personal assistant. She is also why this site is written in the third person.