You what?

Friday feedback, how you like the sound of that?

This week has flown by, for a multitude of reasons.

Not the least of which, these past few days signal my full immersion, belatedly, into the digital world of communication. I blog, I tweet…that’ll about do it.

Some of you out there have engaged and I have bounced back at a few. So far, so good.

At least that is my impression. What of your  thoughts, the faithful, limited, readership. By that I am no way implying that you are limited, in any way. It is me and my limitations that are in question…

So hit me. And not with your rhythm stick.

Give me your feedback…yell at me, abuse me, praise me, give me a shout out and some big ups…

Come on….I’m waiting…if it rolls, let’s make it a regular feature.

Friday feedback=your turn…

One thought on “You what?

  1. I’m liking it 😁.
    Would like to see a more raw, unabridged telling of Dad life. It perhaps question, explore and tell the reality of being a man in today’s world.
    While there is still a time and place for feminism (men can be feminist too) – are men missing? Who and what is the modern man or Dad? Is there such a thing?
    And what about Orwell? Was it a warning or a goal? And if Trump is president then perhaps I’ll be prime minister next…
    Bring on the essays!

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